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Pet Washer Pro

Pet Washer Pro

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Easy to attach for showers and gardening hoses

The package includes a free adapter, making it easy to use with showers and gardening hoses. Plug and Play!

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Pet Washer Pro

Effortless Dog Washing: Clean Pup with One Hand

Bath time for furry friends can feel like a never-ending battle, especially when they'd rather be anywhere else. Fear not! Say hello to the Pet Washer Pro! Designed to streamline the bathing routine, from soap mixing to scrubbing and rinsing, it makes bath time quicker, easier, and more effective than ever before!

Easy to Use

  • Pet Washer Pro

    1. Prepare

    Connect the Pet Washer Pro to a garden hose or shower and fill the bottle with shampoo. (Thick or thin, it works perfectly!)

  • Pet Washer Pro

    2. Set

    Using the convenient nozzle head, select the preferred spray mode and effortlessly adjust the soap flow with the dial at the top.

  • Pet Washer Pro

    3. Bathe

    Activate the water flow by pressing the handle. With the Pet Washer Pro, an effective soap mix is created as it sprays.

  • Pet Washer Pro

    4. Rinse & Reward

    Turn off the soap and give the dog a good rinse. Lastly, dry and reward with treats and love!

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Pet Washer Pro

Ensure a Truly Clean & Fresh Dog

Feel confident that our furry friend is thoroughly clean after each use. Eight dog-tailored spray modes and adjustable soap effectively eliminate any stubborn dirt underneath the coat. Say goodbye to mud, poop, sweat, dandruff – they'll vanish in no time!

Pet Washer Pro

Keep Your Dog Calm and Relaxed During Bath Time

Bath time can be stressful for dogs, but not with Pet Washer Pro. This innovative tool creates a fast and seamless bathing experience, helping dogs stay calm and relaxed throughout the process.

Pet Washer Pro

Groomer Recommended, Dog Approved

Dog groomers have searched for the best way to bathe more dogs in less time without sacrificing their professional standards. With hundreds of reviews and amazing stories, our Pet Washer Pro is the #1 most favored choice for faster, easier, and more enjoyable grooming.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my dog doesn't like cold water?

No problem! It's also usable in the shower for full control over water temperature. The package includes an extra 1/2 inch adapter compatible with all standard shower hoses in the USA. Just remove the shower head, connect the adapter and the Pet Washer Pro for hassle-free setup.

Does it fit my garden / shower hose?

Pet Washer Pro fits all standard garden hoses in the USA (3/4 inch).

It also comes with an extra 1/2 inch adapter for the shower hose.

Does it work with thick coated dogs?

Thanks to the effective water pressure and spray modes, it works fantastic with long, thick hair and double-coated dogs such as Huskies, Golden Retrievers, Newfoundlands and Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Do I constantly have to push the handle?

No! The trigger will automatically lock in place once you push it, so your hand doesn't get tired holding it the entire time.

How long does the bottle last?

The soap bottle holds 3.5 oz / 100ml and lasts up to 20 minutes while constantly on. This equals 2-3 sessions on average.

Does it work with medicated shampoo?

It works with any type of shampoo! Whether regular or medicated, it won't affect the performance.