We're hiring

We are looking for the following:

  1. Affiliates
  2. Influencers
  3. Customer support staff
  4. ADS Staff


1.  Affiliate

Do you know someone who would be interested in our products?
Sign up for our affiliate program, and you get a 20% commission from the purchases that are made from your personal link! (Sign up)


2.  Influencers

We are looking for big and small influencers. You can get money, products, or store credit from a post on social media, a story, good-quality photos, or video clips.
The easiest way to make money is for you to send us +3 sec video clip, and if we can find success with the amazing idea and video that you filmed, we can give up to $150 from a +3-sec video, but it has to be amazing. Usually, it's $50 for a short video.
If you are interested, contact us at pasiox.shop@gmail.com, and we will check customized deal for you!


3.  Customer support staff

We have a customer support team and are looking to hire one more staff member. It would be best if you had experience in customer support.
Contact us at pasiox.shop@gmail.com


4.  ADS Staff

Data analyzing, data gathering, and launching ads.
If you have experience, please contact us at pasiox.shop@gmail.com